Just a quick update on here to ensure you that I have not vanished from the face of the Earth. 

Here is just one of the things I have been busy with in school - I study Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University - a zine assignment! 

We were given a location in Singapore to emulate in a zine. I was given Changi and was fortunate enough to chance upon this hidden gem, Changi Boardwalk. Beautiful place, yet very unpopulated. I decided upon the theme of being lost and free, and this zine was designed based on that. My own personal thoughts and ramblings dedicated to all my fellow millennials out there who might be in the position of trying to figure life out, just like me. 



(On me: Crayon Sg bomber jacket, Topshop dress, Super Gurl fur bag, Asos cap, Converse Chuck Taylors)

Photos by Kai (IG: @blvckaiii)

If you follow me on Instagram you might have already chanced upon a post about my random encounter with Kai during a photoshoot that I styled for.

Funny thing - I wanted to shoot at the Marina Bay Floating Platform initially hence the athletic garb but it was raining SO heavily prior to our meetup. We ended up exploring the Chjimes area instead (which I've never been), and I couldn't be happier about it. 

All in all, you'll never know what might happen if you just ask. Being a long-time follower of Kai's well curated feed on Instagram made this shoot all the more special for me. I love working with people who are also just trying to grow and make a mark in this creative industry. And the back story of our incidental meet up was more than just fate to me. 

It showed me what it would be like if I just took the courage to ask. And I'm pretty sure that in the future I would have more confidence to ask other strangers as well. I guess that's my main takeaway. Thank you Kai for taking a chance on me and Jovita, my dearest partner-in-crime, thank you so much for coming down with me for this shoot. 

Hope you enjoyed the visuals as much I do. 



(Forever21 dress, H&M kimono cardigan thing, Zara heels)

Photos by Jovita Ang

It's a little unlike me to mix prints on prints but I kinda wanted to go as loud as possible. Considering the fact that my wardrobe is mostly made out of neutrals, this red on red is pretty much the loudest it can get. Thanks to Jovita for gifting me this amazing kimono-cardigan hybrid that has the most amazing fringing along the hems last Christmas.

Stumbling upon the hidden alleyways in our Little India adventure was obviously one of the highlights of that day, along with the vibrancy of sunlight spilling all over the place. Hope you love the visuals as much as I do.