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 Yesterday, I went to and looked through my news feed page and these two outfits by fashion bloggers Zoe and Natalie and my jaw literally dropped. I have never thought I needed their respective bottoms, the beautiful patchwork denim by David Kahn and the leather slant cut shorts. How rad are these?

The patchwork done so intricately with baby blue hues and and whites, with frills kept neatly at the hem of each patchwork. And I really love how it covers the whole pair of jeans, and isn't patchy here and there like some patchwork jeans I've seen. So amazing.

And the shorts... Oh the shorts are nothing short of wonderful. Leather, slant cut, shearling hems, and the harness like buckles. They look like they're meant for a fashionable rock climber or something. I can picture them in so many outfits, it's crazy. Perfect shorts. 

And if you haven't seen these two blogs, you should click on the links immediately because their blogs are really inspirational.