(H&M velvet lace camisole, The Editor's Market pleated pants, Forever21 boots)

Photos by Jovita Ang; Edits by me

Fun fact: I have not worn these silver/grey (I can never fully decide) pleated pants for months. The last I checked was November last year. Not that I don't like them or can't fit in them, but they are the reason why I have a jarring scar on my right knee. Who knew long pants and platform shoes can't mix and will send you and your laptop flying across the road with oncoming traffic?

Anyway, I'm glad I busted them out again to wear on what I remember to be a humid hot day with my favourite camisole of the moment. Velvet and lace AND on sale? I scored a good deal guys. The choker thing was some satin ribbon I found years ago wrapped around a present.

Recently I think I lost it though. Time to get a new present.