(The Editor's Market denim jacket and camisole, gifted ripped jeans, Nike roshe runs, Forever21 choker)

Photos by Jovita Ang


Planned to shoot at Little India that day and I had originally set my mind on wearing a flouncy dress with trumpet sleeves (next time perhaps). But plans changed and I went into a state of panic for I had to rush out of the house already with nothing to wear. 

This casual ensemble here is the random combination of things I had hung on the back of my door. Isn't it fun how spontaneous dressing can turn out kinda cute? No idea how to theme it though. Denim? Lace? Athletic? Maybe I could just categorise it as a sporadic combo of the 3. 

This little brick nook is on the side of the cafe we had a lovely brunch at. Comfort food and perfect company - you can't ask for much more.