(Dress from Crayon Sg, Zara tasseled sandals, Young Hungry Free backpack)

Photos by Jovita Ang

A smorgasbord of colours, textures, and a whole other culture. Our day at Little India was definitely such a memorable and fulfilling day.

I couldn't believe how nice the shop owners were? They allowed us to take photos in front of their shops and even use their merchandise as props (see peacock feather shots). When these heels became a little too much for me to bear and I ended up squatting outside a shop to plaster up my toes, the shop owner extended their welcome to come in and use their chair (perhaps they were amused but still!). 

Completely blown away with their insane hospitality. If you haven't been there to explore, I strongly believe you should. And the delicate hand embroidered umbrella costs less than S$20 which I was very surprised with. Not saying that I bought it, but I definitely would have if I had the place for it.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little photo diary. Part II coming up soon.